Project Description

Home Rebuilding

Since 1967, more than 50,000 Palestinian homes and buildings in the West Bank have been demolished by the Israeli civil authorities, under the pretext of security needs, punitive measures, a lack of proper building permits and other reasons, in a practice that extends back nearly 20 years..   Home demolitions, considered one of the most controversial and harmful Israeli policies towards the Palestinians residing in the Palestinian Territories, has had immeasurably harmful impact on practically every Palestinian community, creating poverty, hopelessness and despair.  For over a decade, Holy Land Trust has been rebuilding the destroyed homes of Palestinians residing in west Bethlehem communities and villages through bringing in volunteers who both financially support as well as physically participate in the actual reconstruction efforts.  Be part of our next team restoring hope and dignity to the people of Bethlehem!

Amos Trust Home Rebuilding participants setting up a house in al-Walaj

This program is put together by our partners, Amos Trust. It consists of home rebuilding, listening and sharing experiences of those individuals, families and communities impacted by home demolitions, meeting with civil society leaders working to challenge and educate the global community about these practices, as well as day trips and visits to places of religious, cultural and historical interest within Bethlehem area.   Most activities will occur from the mid-morning to early evening, with program participants residing in guesthouses and/or pilgrim hotels in Bethlehem district.

Tour Details 
The tour will be based in Bethlehem district, with day tours to Jerusalem and other parts of the West Bank.  This tour involves light manual construction work and extensive walking.  Prior construction/home rebuilding experience is not needed; program participants will not be engaged in the use of consruction machinery. A full range of mobility, including extended periods of bending, extending and stretching arms, legs, and the back, and a willingness to climb ladders is essential.  Program participants who wish to book tours to the Galilee or Jordan as private excursions before or after the program may do so at additional cost.  A limited amount of free time will also be incorporated into the program for rest, leisure activities and getting to know Bethlehem and Jerusalem on your own!
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Additional Tours

Olive Harvest

Join us in the Palestinian communities during this sacred time. Stand in solidarity with the local villages as they harvest their crops. 

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This summer-long journey is specifically geared for those looking for a deeper investment into the dynamics shaping the Holy Land. 

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House Rebuilding

We are called to be a light. Rebuilding a home for a Palestinian family is a tangible way you can give hope for all future generations. 

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Christian Pilgrimage

For many, a chance to visit the Holy Land on a pilgrimage and walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ represents a turning point in their spiritual journey.

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Fact-Finding Tour

Our 14-day Fact-Finding Tour gives you a schedule with meeting with religious leaders, politicians, and community activists tools for peacemaking.

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Meet the staff

Elias Deis
Executive Director
Holy Land Trust’s E.D., Elias Deis has worked for over a decade at Holy Land Trust. He was formally the Travel & Encounter Program Director and serves on the Beit Sahour City Council.
Lara Mitri
BLF Director
Lara Mitri is the Bethlehem Live Festival Director, ensuring that the festival creates an inclusive space that promotes a message of social justice on a global scale.
Said Zarzar
Creative Manager
Said Zarzar is the Creative Manager of Holy Land Trust, organizing the event planning for Bet Lahem Live, as well as the lead coordinator for the Travel & Encounter Department.
Sami Awad
Sami Awad
Founder | Programs Developer
Sami Awad, the founder and former executive director of Holy Land Trust, has spent a lifetime working the infield of community development and leadership training.

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